Saturday, April 24, 2010

My last painting.

This is the little old house behind Melanies. It was originally a hired man's house for John's dad. Aunt Phyllis and Uncle Del lived in it and then Merrilyn and Neil Nelson when they were newly weds.

This my painting of Ian Ramsays original painting. Our teacher had each one of us paint a copy of it. Loved it.

My Christmas Present from the Family

Everyone embroidered a block. Denise did a beautiful job machine quilting it. What a wonderful gift.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Guess what? I am still around and like the trees and the flowers of spring I am emerging from the winter doldrums. This week in particular I have been cleaning the fruit room, the storage room and the garage. It is town clean up and they have huge dumpsters by the park for people to fill up. With the help of the dumpsters, the DI and Brigham's recycle bins things are beginning to look up. I do emphasize beginning.

Today I finished my best painting. It is of the old house behind Melanie's in a winter scene. Before I did this one our teacher brought us a photograph of an Ian Ramsay painting and had all four of us paint the same picture. She took a workshop from him and that is what he had them do. Our pictures all ended up a little different but very good. I will try to post these two pictures very soon. I can't sign the Ian Ramsay painting because it is a copy of his but I really like it.

I really enjoy keeping up on all of your happenings. Keep them coming. See you soon.